The Power of the Point, the Key of the Note

Hey Gang, all the presentations from WordCamp Sydney are now available to view over at Slideshare…

The Pics can be found here – if you’d like to add photos, please email us at and we’ll invite you to the photos folder so you can upload your own.



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A Little bit of Background

Hey guys, a while back I had a chat to the guys at WordCamp Central, just talking about WordCamp Sydney, introducing them to this great place we live in and the amazing community around WordPress here in NSW.

They posted the interview today… check it out!!

WordCamp Close-Up: Sydney

WordCamp Sydney is this weekend, and has a really exciting schedule. Dee Teal, lead organizer, took some time out of her very busy schedule to tell us a little bit about WordCamp Sydney and her WordPress community. Dee also has a great talk on on Getting Involved in the WordPress Community; you should check it out!

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Are you a WordCamp Badger??

If you follow us on Facebook you may have noticed a little critter who’s been encouraging some social interaction with our WordCamp friends and relations…

He’s the WordCamp badger.

He represents a band of staunch WordCamp supporters who are posting our badges on their websites and sending us screenshots as a demonstration of support for the event and because… maybe… there’ll be something in it for them come WordCamp Sydney in a couple of weeks… so what are you waiting for??  Grab a badge from our Badges page, put it on your site and upload a screenshot to our facebook page!! It’s not hard, and there’s a bonus in it for you, exclusively crafted for our WordCamp badgers…  Go on, get badging!



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The WordPress Community Rocks

This is how great our communtiy is… 4 of our Community sponsors ($150 tickets) are speaking at WordCamp Sydney.  These guys actually get to go to the conference for free… and they’re paying double… If the speakers are this enthusiastic about what we’re doing, how can you afford to stay away!! Book Now!!

Props to Brent Shepherd, Jeff Waugh, Anthony Hortin and Wil Brown. Thanks for the support! Can’t wait to see you guys soon!!


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Sign me up Scotty!!

Having such a big event at such a ridiculously low price is only possible because of a few very important factors. One is sponsorship, and for that we’re incredibly grateful to all our sponsors who are helping us out financially… the other is by leveraging our incredible community to help do the practical bits and pieces that make an event like WordCamp work.

What does this mean? It means that YOU have the chance to get involved and help us get WordCamp Sydney up there in the list of ‘best wordcamps evah!’ simply by putting up your hand and giving us some time either before, or during (or after) the weekend.

To that end we’d love it, if you’re available (and willing) to help us out, if you’d be kind enough to head over to the volunteers page and complete the form… we’d LOVE to have you involved!

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People are Talking about Us!

Hi Guys

Just popping in for a quick update to highlight that WordCamp Sydney got a feature in The Fetch – and if you missed early bird pricing… well… let’s just say the Fetch might be able to hook you up with a discount…

And Kate Carruthers, one of our speakers published a little bit more detail about her upcoming talk over on her blog… head over and check it out.

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Building the WordPress Community

I’m posting this here just in case you need any arm twisting about coming to WordCamp, it’s a presentation our organizer Dee Teal delivered at WordCamp Auckland in April, all about building the WordPress Community… check it out! (And then register here!)

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Announcement: Gold Sponsorship from Code Poet

Wow, we are just so thrilled to have Code Poet come aboard as a Gold Sponsor.  If you haven’t heard about them and you’re building sites in WordPress; if you’re making your living making stuff with WordPress then you can’t afford not to check them out and avail yourself of their resources.  You won’t be sorry!!

Here’s what they have to say for themselves…

If you use WordPress to build things for other people, we want to make your life easier. No matter whether you freelance on a solo basis, lead a small web shop, make plugins in a dark closet, or crack the whip at a large design firm, our aim is to become your go-to source of information and resources to help you expand your WordPress skills and know-how. To make you better at what you do. To make it easier to make your living and look great doing it.

You’re part of a tribe of WordPress designers and developers over 10,000 strong, spanning the entire globe. aims to bring the working knowledge and real world strategies of those people into one place, for you tap into.

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WordCamp Sydney 2012 Badges – Now Available!!

Ok you lot, time to put you to work…

We have issues… our issue is that this WordCamp Sydney site doesn’t rate on the front page of Google Australia if you search for WordCamp Sydney – the good news is that you can help us get there!!! We need links, and incidentally we need people to know about is …

SO – we’re enlisting you!!

Get over to our badges page and get your WordCamp Sydney 2012 badges and show us and your readers some LOVE – Copy the code, paste it into your site and get spreading the word… If you’re coming – register and then post us an I’m coming badge… If you’re speaking?? Get yourself a Speakers badge… if you’re… oh heck.. you’re smart, you get the idea… So, whaddya Say!? Spare us some love? Your WordCamp needs you!!

You rawk.


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WordCamp Sydney is Official – July 21-22 2012!

The Old Lady of Circular QuayWe are thrilled to announce that WordCamp Sydney has been confirmed for July 21-22nd 2012 at Sydney University.

WordCamp is a conference for WordPress enthusiasts, designers, developers, or anyone who enjoys using WordPress for business or pleasure.

We will have a range of both international and local speakers covering a broad range of topics, showing the incredible variety of uses for WordPress, from content management, to gaming,  blogging to e-commerce, academic community building,  and beyond.

Follow us on twitter at @wordcampsyd or join our mailing list – you can also follow our hashtag #wcsyd on twitter if you’re so inclined.  We’re also on Facebook!

If you’re interested in speaking at Sydney Wordcamp submit your proposal here: If you’d like to find out about being a sponsor indicate your interest here.

Check out the response from WordCamp Gold Coast attendees

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