Call for Volunteers

Events are hard work, right? There are a lot of man (and woman) hours that go into pulling together a WordCamp, most of it behind the scenes, and in front of a computer, lots of phone calls and emails, lots and lots of organizing… lots of it.

The team on  THIS WordCamp are incredible, they’ve spent hours and hours doing all the ground work, and we’re REALLY looking forward to the 21-22nd of July to see this event go ‘off the hook’ and yet… they are not quite superheroes… which is where you come in.

In these next few weeks leading up to AND, on the weekend of WordCamp, we have a number of jobs that are going to need doing, and to achieve the results we want, (which is ‘best WordCamp EVAH’) we’re going to need outside help to get them done…

So, if you’re coming, and you’ve got a functional set of hands (or not, it takes all sorts), a willing heart and a good sense of humour please put your name down via the form below…  There are a couple of specialist roles we’d love to have filled, but if you’re not precious about what you do, there are the ‘all rounder’ slots and and as many as we can have fill those spots, the happier we are…

THANKS in advance, you’ll have a blast, and there’s some serious WordCamp karma up for grabs… Not to mention just the all round ‘good times’ of hanging with other WP enthusiasts, talking, chatting and, oh.. so much laughing!!’

Finally, if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or any other Social Networking thingy we really need your support in continuing to spread the [WordCamp] Word and get people registering for the event… honestly it’s pointless without an audience right?? SO get people along! Follow @wordcampsyd – Retweet us, send your own Tweets about us… Feel the buzz and contribute to it!! We neeed you! And if you’re a blogger, write about us, we’ll post a link to your blog on the front page of our site!!

See you on July 21st!!!

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PS, you’ve registered for the conference, right?

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