WordCamp Sydney Bingo

The object of the game is to meet, and talk to as many people at WordCamp Sydney as possible.

You will need.

A twitter account.
A smartphone with a camera.

Game play is as follows.

Throughout the whole of the weekend’s events you are charged with ‘filling your bingo card’ with the names and faces of people who each fit the bill of the card spaces below.

‘Filling your card’ consists of taking pictures of the people you meet who fit each criteria and tweeting that picture, with the following information to your twitter account.

  1. the hash tags #wcsyd #bingo
  2. the relevant number on the ‘card’ (1-12) and
  3. the Name of the person you’ve just met and photographed.

The Bingo Card

  1. Three People who have never met each other before.
  2. Someone from Interstate
  3. A Speaker
  4. Someone with a tattoo – a bazillion* points if it’s a WordPress Logo
  5. A Plugin Developer
  6. Someone born outside Australia
  7. Someone who has been blogging for 5 years or more
  8. Someone wearing WordPress related apparel
  9. Someone who’s met Matt Mullenweg
  10. Someone for whom this is their First WordCamp
  11. An Automattician
  12. A member of the Sydney WordPress Meetup Group

*OK, probably not a bazillion, but seriously LOTS of points for a WordPress tatt

The Rules.

This is not a race, there is no prize for rushing through it!
You may not use the same person for more than one ‘Bingo Square’.
You may post your images in any order.
You must include the hashtags or we won’t find your pix (don’t join them up either, #wcsyd #bingo that’s it).
You must meet the person you’re photographing… a picture of a speaker in action doesn’t count! (though take lots of those too!!).
When you have posted all 12 photos, tweet @wordcampsyd a link to a twitter search which includes your twitter id and the hashtags so we can see the results.

Prizes will be awarded for creativity, enthusiasm of participants, and general, all round awesome.

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