Announcement: Gold Sponsorship from Code Poet

Wow, we are just so thrilled to have Code Poet come aboard as a Gold Sponsor.  If you haven’t heard about them and you’re building sites in WordPress; if you’re making your living making stuff with WordPress then you can’t afford not to check them out and avail yourself of their resources.  You won’t be sorry!!

Here’s what they have to say for themselves…

If you use WordPress to build things for other people, we want to make your life easier. No matter whether you freelance on a solo basis, lead a small web shop, make plugins in a dark closet, or crack the whip at a large design firm, our aim is to become your go-to source of information and resources to help you expand your WordPress skills and know-how. To make you better at what you do. To make it easier to make your living and look great doing it.

You’re part of a tribe of WordPress designers and developers over 10,000 strong, spanning the entire globe. aims to bring the working knowledge and real world strategies of those people into one place, for you tap into.

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